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BFA Design

Anna Mårtensson


What is an urban norm? Do you romanticize the countryside? Do you have to move to a city to “become someone”? These are some of the questions Landsbygdskollektionen asks. Maybe they are new to you, maybe they are not. Regardless of your relation to these questions my project aims to raise thoughts and awareness about these topics.

Landsbygdskollektionen is a project focusing on representation of the countryside. The goal is to spark reflection about one’s own view of the topic. During the process a short trip to Hälsingland was done to gather information. By taking photos, writing down conversations and observations first hand research was done. This research and documentation was then transformed into ceramic objects. The result is a collection of ceramics for a dinner setting. Each piece represents a different aspect of life in the countryside and together they form a portrait of an everyday life. The ceramics are both conversation pieces and functional objects.

instagram: nagonslagskonst