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BFA Design

Emelie Larsson


The project explores the private sphere in the public space through visual perception, the meeting between interior and exterior and what it means to see and be seen. SEE (N) visualises a concept to evoke thoughts, highlight high sensitivity and the need for recovery from external stimuli.


Material research plays a major role in the process of this work. Transparency has been explored with different materials, techniques and combinations. The project contains a lot of experiments with homemade bioplastics. With additives and natural dyes, these have acquired skin-like properties. In addition, mesh textiles and 3D-printed PLA (corn-based plastic) have also been used.

Part of the project is to create a collection, therefore the aim is to develop a dynamic and consistent expression. The choice of color and material is based on a bodily aesthetic to resemble parts of the body, such as skin, wrinkles and bones.

The result is a collection of six portable objects, designed to follow body movements to act as an extension of it. This allows the user to interact with the objects and control the flow of external stimuli in public spaces. The unique but distinct expression can also help signal the need for recovery and personal space to the outside world. The ambition is to encourage people to reflect on how the private sphere and the public space feel, as well as their own and others’ need to recover from external stimuli.