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MFA Design

Hermine Blixt

The Creation of an Object


A quest of understanding contemporary values in relation to Swedish furniture manufacturing while seeking qualities from a historical and spiritual setting and how they can influence and shape methods within a practice.


WHAT HE REALLY DOES IS FEEL, SMELL, HEAR, AND SEE” Morgan, D. (2010). Religion and material culture : the matter of belief. Routledge.

The project circles around a practice within design and elaborates upon nuances of rationalism and irrationalism within the materialisation of design. Including is different methods and approaches, where I have aimed towards expanding the idea of sustainability of which the modern furniture industry to a large extent is trying to solve, seeking qualities from spiritual settings, while attempting to find executions of approachable means.

Exploratory and intuitive work has been important throughout the process, a craft-like approach while integrating modern tools, such as CNC and laser engravings.

Images displaying methods and materialisations within my work.

Hand-and-Machine; a technique of laser engraving where I use wood, egg oil tempera and laser engraving as means of storytelling. The method I have developed springs from ideas about critical regionalism – which responds to a lack of identity within architecture and design and how we can use modern tools for communicating with sites and interiors.

Totem/sculpture; A self-reflective and critical work of placing myself in relation to a church context through materialisation.

Conversation with Furnitures; a reuse of chairs for church and outside church contexts. I think looking for solutions within design is an outdated perspective – where I am more keen with the idea of communicating with history, for telling a present story, while allowing new stories to take place further on.

Material Mash-Up; A mash-up of material through craft-like approach. My material investigations put together, in the shape of a bench.