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MFA Design

John Wattström

The Children of Past Mistakes

This project is based on two parts. Firstly it looks at the experience found in church, as a way to inform other types of spaces with similar qualities. It looks at these spaces as an ”alternative” world we humans use to make sense of the world. By comparing the church building to a theatre stage, and performance the project informs itself by being able to extract key components from church out in to an exhibition space. The key focus here is to find how the spiritual atmosphere is created and doesn’t discuss religion in our society, but how the interior architecture and rituals are based on the christian narrative used in the church. In a similar way that a theatre play is constructed.

Secondly, It does this by constructing a narrative around Brudaremossen, an old landfill hidden in a nature reserve in Gothenburg, which during a long time has polluted the water running through it and out in to the surrounding forrest. It constructs through speculative design a sort of cult, based on that site to be able to raise the question of contaminated water, to see if this could act as a different type of narrative to our relationship with nature.

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