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MFA Design

Katarina Frisö

Phot John Watt

Photo Hanna Petersson


BRIEF according to Oxford languages translates as follows:

a set of instructions given to a person about a job or a task

instruct or inform (someone) thoroughly, especially in preparation for a task

of short duration; not lasting for long

In Sweden the remit cultural policy is divided on state, region and municipality, which creates many different spaces and as many definitions of the society value of culture. The culture budget mainly goes to institutions and the bottom-up culture is often required to formulate their work according to the definition of culture’s society value in order to get funding. Working grant based can also lead to temporal working conditions.

BRIEF is a project that explores the relation between bottom-up culture and cultural policy through investigating the formats that constitute a formulation of culture work. The project is ambulant in order to explore temporality and through conversations, text analysis and role play the project explores what the consequences are and speculates on what they could be depending on how and by whom an artistic work description is written.

Katarina_policy och manifest