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BFA Jewellery Art

Malin Viktorsson

Photo: David Eng

Photo: David Eng

Photo: David Eng



It is expected of me, as a woman to be caring. Thoughtful. Motherly.

Mother/Non-mother is a series sculptural objects shaped by the body when held in different positions. As if one would hold a baby in its arms. Caring. Protecting. Embracing.

The objects were created by casting the body when held in these protecting and caring positions. The plaster was gently and tenderly held while it settled, to get visible and pure shapes from the body. These castings were later electroformed to slowly transform the shapes into copper metal.

The objects hang around the neck in sculptured textile and are resting towards the body. They hang there, large and are in the way for the wearer. Their forms can be embraced or not. But regardless of which, they hang there. Just like the norms on women.

In the objects traces of hands and arms are visible and we are encouraged to try to fit into their shapes and place or bodies correctly into them. We are encouraged to fit into a mould, created by the expectations that are on women, in relation to motherhood.


Material: copper, plaster, textile

Techniques: electroforming, casting