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BFA Design

Olle Sahlqvist

Biomimicry Furniture Design


Biomimicry furniture design is a continuation on trying to invite nature physically and psychologically into our daily lives. With form and material connect our senses closer to nature and grow a healthy relationship between us. The furniture is made of mycelium which is the network under mushrooms that works as nature’s decomposer. It’s inspired by the Red cup fungi and formed after its aesthetics and function. The project inhabits a material analysis and a form development method guided by nature’s design and characteristics. A growable furniture that uses residual materials from the wood and food industry with a CO2 negativ footprint. The project Is not a scream for the climate situation but rather an invite to further understand nature’s function and form. How we can get inspired by the ecosystems and nature’s problem solving methods. The first 1:1 experiment was unsuccessful, but will be further developed into a healthy mycelium furniture. When it’s finalized it will be a furniture formed after the shroom, made of shroom, for our shrooms.

Insta: ollesahlqvist