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Art Education

Alfred Werwenkel

Bild och materiell hållbarhet

En studie om hur materiell hållbarhet organiseras i en gymnasieskola

Från ämnet Bild till de Globala målen

The purpose of this study is to investigate how a high school works with material sustainability and bring forth different conditions for art teachers to conduct such work. How does a upper secondary school organize work from a sustainability perspective within the subject of Bild (art), and how does art teachers work with sustainability from a material perspective?

Five informants from a upper secondary school from the aesthetic program participate in the study, where four work as art teachers and one works as principal. Through interviews, the informants have contributed to empirical qualitative data which have been analyzed through thematic analysis and then considered the conditions for sustainability through a frame factor theoretical perspective. The survey highlights that different systems for materials, different organizational aspects around finances and purchasing, curriculums, dialogues within and outside the school organization are contributing factors for creating conditions for material sustainability in a high school education. Illumination of the factors that create the conditions provides some knowledge about how materially sustainable work can be identified and developed in order to promote sustainable work in accordance with the global goals.