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BFA Design

Benjamin Oláh

Den digi-fysiska utställningshallen

This project explores how modern technology can be used to create immersive, interactive digital art experiences. By working together with the production of the work and tailoring specific interactive methods to the artwork, the audience can feel that they are looking into the work, rather than at it. The project resulted in a wall-mounted interactive artwork that uses speakers, motion capture, screens and microcontrollers to create a complete audiovisual experience. This study shows that by using newer equipment and technologies, digital art can be taken to the next level and create truly immersive and engaging experiences for viewers.

The painting is dark and gloomy, and shadow play of branches and foliage looms. In the middle of the picture, a woman’s face lights up in a dim and cold moonlight. In front of the wall is an old-fashioned side table with a red flashlight and a telephone. When the visitor grabs the flashlight and points it at the painting, the story is clarified. In a warm flickering incandescent light, the woman is seen lying on the ground in a lush forest. She is lying on a bed of grass and flowers at the foot of a large tree. A large log weighs over her abdomen, but her chest lifts rhythmically in an attempt to preserve the last breaths. In the grass around the tree and the woman’s face, Amanita muscaria grow. When you pick up the ringing phone on the table, you hear a woman breathing heavily. She does not respond to appeals, and after a while you hear someone in the background; “But Jenny, what are you doing?” The breaths gasp and end abruptly followed by an empty signal. If you hang up, it will soon ring again, but this time you will hear a beautiful melody. The melody is reminiscent of a happy ending, but with a melancholic undertone.