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BFA Metal Art

Emi Candido

Do you know the real me? – A reflection  on human behaviour


I wanted to show not only what I feel, but also what I’m seeing more and more clearly about people’s behaviour in society.

It inspired me to work with the personal issues that we all face. Regardless of where we are or where we came from.

My intention in the first steps is to highlight and explore in a subtle way the psychological workings outs of my own experience artistically transforming it through metal and other materials, to convey the inner narratives of the mind and the human condition.

A current theme is how we as individuals construct protection in and around us, creating a portfolio that begins to ask challenging questions about ourselves, through myself, recreating situations where we can recognise and feel themes such as social pressures, self-harm, social distancing, guilt, low self-esteem, and so on. I would like to pass on to the observer a connection on the themes above mentioned, that many of us face and that can go unnoticed creating a parallel or even perhaps a mirror where they can identify with the message transmitted.

We learn by seeing and listening, while also respecting limits and demonstrating more empathic attitude.