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MFA Embedded Design

Emma Hallgreen

Disposal of Single Use for Good

Overconsumption, draining of natural resources and waste harming nature are just some of the major environmental and social challenges existing globally today. A consequence of human consumption behaviour connects to the fact that an average European citizen yearly generates 505 kg. municipal waste where 1/3 occur from disposable packaging. Packaging production and consumption is increasing and one reason comes from a growing takeaway industry where single use packaging is being widely used and has an average consumption time of 15 minutes before being thrown away.

Implementation of reusable takeaway packaging has slowly started in Scandinavia but no laws require the takeaway industry to offer customers a reusable or refundable alternative. The challenge also exists in the gap between implementation and consumer behaviour. Consumers have limited familiarity with reusable packaging. Knowledge is still not widespread and behaviour not adopted into the culture. It is then crucial to increase transparency, awareness and consumers must be prepared to adapt into a future with reusable packaging.

The design thesis project has been carried out in Denmark embedding oneself in a municipal context where the designerly role has existed in the in-between-ness acting researcher, practitioner and intermediator. The design process has been supported by the interdisciplinary concept Behavioural Design which borrows theories and practices from anthropological, psychological and sociological studies. The research has been investigating; How behavioural design methods can be practiced to gain insights about consumers’ takeaway habits? And thus, encourage usage of reusable packaging.