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MFA Child Culture Design

Julianna Litkei

Something’s growing on

The ‘Something’s growing on…’ project explores how a picture book for children can celebrate and highlight the complex beauty of nature and its unseen microcosms. It is a design-initiated attempt to evoke awareness and appreciation for the other-than-human worlds — and through this — to address the anthropocentric view of our times.

The project’s outcome — an illustrated wordless book about a bustling-buzzing community — intends to provide its readers with a space for in-depth observation, perceptive exploration and personal interpretation — and, through this, hopes to be a source of motivation for a self-initiated understanding and a sense of stewardship and care for the world’s outstanding entanglement.

The story introduces an unusual event that takes place in a vivid pile-residency of many. As this unusual event happens to be a sprouting potato, the characters — a motley team of different bugs, beetles, insects, small mammals and worms — follow and celebrate the growth of this familiar crop through the pages of the book.
The book seeks to represent the nature of nature: constancy and change, joy and sorrow, care and cruelty, growth and decay.