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MFA Film

Majse Vilstrup

Photography: Stephanie Stål

Photography: Stephanie Stål

Being Seen Seeing 


Duration: 20 min. 

Short synopsis 

What happens when we meet in the street? Suddenly, mistakenly, intimately. 

Estranged, rushed, too much, too little, too late. Smiles, small talk, and promises.  

From a constantly moving and observant POV the (a camera, Majse’s camera) camera dispatches itself, embodying our awkward, sporadic and fragile emotions, while becoming a force in its own right. 

Biography of the director 

Majse Vilstrup (b. 1993, Copenhagen) is an artist and filmmaker whose work is informed by documentary and fiction film approaches. She holds her BA from Malmö Art Academy and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is currently studying her last year at the MFA programme in Film at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg. 

Artist Statement 

What kind of look do you give to strangers as you pass them on the street? How is it possible to forget the name of a person the moment after you have shaken their hand?  

And why do you automatically place your hands behind your back when walking around in an art museum? 

Majse Vilstrup is a filmmaker and artist. Her work departs from a curiosity in ’the social being’, and how we ’social beings’, subconsciously ignite when we meet, how we repeat ourselves and interact – both in private and in public. In her films, there is an underlying attentiveness to the micro-social, mysterious and comic aspects of how behaviours are expressed and expected to be expressed in groups, gatherings, and aggregations. How do we navigate social norms?