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MFA Design

Malene Valentin

Photo: Johan Wattström

Photo: Sofie Valentin

Regarding Birds, Regarding You


Regarding Birds, Regarding You by Malene Valentin is an open-ended design project about the human relation to birds; how we look at them in the urban environment and how we don’t. 

The project explores how installation design can contribute to- and expand a focus on birds as minority citizens.

Birds are an important part of the ecosystem, both in the wild and in cities and they even act as an indicator of the state of our urban ecology. Furthermore, watching birds comes with a handful of often overlooked health benefits – not only can their whimsical appearances help restore optimism and lower the risk of depression, their uplifting singing also provide a glimpse of happiness and a spark of serotonin in our daily lives.

So what if the status of common, small city birds was ranked as high as human citizens? 

The upscaled and playful sculptures encourage the viewer to start noticing birds more, while materialising a specific dream of being so small that one could sit on it.

“Like a trojan horse, the large pink bird was sculpted to contain a narrative with a goal to invade the normative thinkers of city planning, and make them remember the non-human stakeholders. A post-humanistic necessity more than a utopian dreamy future, perhaps?..”

The project is still working on the aim to enhance an awareness of the benefits by designing inviting and including cities for us and for birds. Site placement, compiled research and the shift of human/bird perspective is actively being processed while work continues.