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MFA Embedded Design

Olga Darwaj

Cook a workshop!

The project was an exploration of workshop facilitation practice in a corporate context with the aim of contributing to non-professional (occasional) facilitators. It focused on addressing participants’ diversity and power relations in a workshop setting, as the study prior to the project showed that these elements are crucial to successful workshops. The project lasted from January to May 2022 and was based on a collaboration with two companies. The first company was a big IT corporation incorporating design thinking methodology, while the second company was specialising in leadership training and each of their workshops had a custom structure. The project consisted of two stages, research and materialisation, which although related, can be seen as two separate deliveries. The research stage resulted in a collection of best facilitation practices, a better understanding of design thinking application and an analysis of power dynamics in a workshop environment. The materialization stage ended with three storytelling booklets on facilitation – “Occasional facilitators”, “Participants’ diversity”, “(Safe) space for collaboration”, and with a scenario-based game.