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BFA Jewellery Art

Sara Wallstedt

Tingens kropp – En verklighet


A Reality

You weigh me down with something warm

You push it against me

You leave it there

You are sitting down

You leave a mark/track

I am waiting

until you need me again

For something I can do for you

It is my whole day

To be available

To be where you left me

To be where you left me

Me and the others are waiting here

Where you left us





We are lined up

Put in piles

We are chosen by you

But you rarely see us

Now I have had enough

We are tired

Now I am for me

We are for us

We are not waiting

We show you

what you usually get from us

It is already occupied

by something that is

only for us

Now we are here and you have to wait


A work about questioning the human as the constant starting point and our position of power. By creating jewellery for another body, the thing, I aim to highlight the things we use without giving them any notice. Give them a piece of the power.