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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Tobias Berntsson

Jag önskar du kunde se mig


Throughout my studies I’ve sought to expand my personal communication in art. Letting my private stories and struggles shape my work and through them learning to understand myself better. For my examproject I delved into my fears about abandonment, control, being forgotten and losing oneself to panic.
To visualize these situations I created two puppets, Fredrik and Adam, to personify my emotional states and act in scenes depicting such events in my life. These handcrafted puppets are a part of me and yet their own person, with all three of us sharing a familial bond.

With these puppets I recorded two performances.

In Förgäves Försöker Fredrik / Fredrik Tries in Vain the puppet tries desperately to collect and keep a hold of love, growing frustrated as it never stays with him for long, no matter how hard he tries.

In Andas Adam, Andas / Breathe Adam, Breathe the puppet tries to keep control, to calm himself but not being able to hold back the shaking pressure building and slowly starts to panic, only when someone helps guide him out does he calm down enough to collect his thoughts.