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MFA Film

Vangelis Kollias

How to Say Goodbye

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Duration: 20 min


Where is your mind when your body travels? Are you searching for imaginary places? Why can’t you sleep at night? A poetic reading on the sorrow process of separation from the birthplace. An exploration of the feelings through sounds, words and images. After all, a manual of how to say goodbye.


Vangelis Kollias is a practice-based filmmaker from Athens Greece, living and working in Göteborg Sweden. With previous experience in media production his artistic practice involves different methods borrowed from the documentary and the art house film tradition. He holds a Master Degree in Films from HDK-Valand Academy of Gothenburg, he studied Film Production in Göteborgs Folkhögskola, Documentary History and Practice in Linköping University and he also has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Festivals: Audience prize 2020 in Frame film Festival – film: Feed me.

Artist statement:

With his work, Vangelis Kollias explores concepts such as memory, time, belonging and sorrow.  His films are a hybrid mix of fiction and nonfiction, in which the limits of the representation of real and imaginary are blurred. He often uses the self-performative mode as tool to explore the cinematic questions he has. Through this process he sets questions over universal topics by giving space for people to think and feel, and finally come up with their own answers to what they have seen.