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Master Fri konst

Amanda Hellryd

Photographer: David Eng

Photographer: David Eng

Photographer: David Eng

Forever can spare a minute


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My artistic practice investigates how temporality can make visible studies of time through a sculptural practice. I seek temporality in materials and how they respond in and to sites and spaces, to think about how temporality can be utilised as a tool to question the Western modern conception of time. This is to visualise a more nuanced understanding of time and that temporality is an important agent to intertwine and understand through its main entities; past, present and future.

My project “Forever can spare a minute” is a sculptural installation that presents my research into temporality and construction sites located around Gothenburg and materials that derive from these sites. The materials in the work tend to be treated as temporal propositions, caught in the dynamic processes of their own multiplicity and deconstruction. They are caught right before they could be considered finished, just before they might be considered static. Just before they are situated in any structure of time. Some sculptures are active, some passive in their activity.

It was presented at Göteborg Konsthall during spring and consisted of four backdrops, sculptures and materials that entered at different times and were moved around during the exhibition period.