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Kandidat Design

Beatrice Jonsson

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The project is aimed to understand how to use furniture to create curiosity in people. With How can furniture make people dare more? and How much can furniture affect people? ” as the frame questions.
The project, which was inspired by Verner Panton’s thinking about furniture, began immediately as a hands-on project the sketching has taken place directly in the material and on a scale of 1: 1.

There have been several different tests and the prototypes have changed shape more than once during the project.

So why arouse curiosity?
Just as Verner Panton wanted to encourage you to use your own imagination, Was the purpose of this project to give people access too their own emotions. That the furniture at first glance should capture the user / spectator’s interest so that they can stop in their thoughts. Do not think about what is stressing tomorrow, or what is happening somewhere else, just be here and now. The hope is that this will lead to a reduction in stress and people will hopefully get in deeper contact with themselves.