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Master Embedded Design

Christoph Matt

Nature Design Camp – Building relations with nature by design methods

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This design project tells a story, my story, your story, our story. A story about pollution, global. warming, overpopulation, waste, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ozone layer depletion, and pandemics. And probably it is possible to go on with this forever but, what can be radically proposed instead, is the need for new relations, a restored relationship with nature.

Culture, art, and design can help us as a society and for each earthling to reflect on the ambivalent relationship between nature and humans in the Anthropocene. The critical question arises of how to build relations with nature by design methods. The design project is a collaboration between REGIO, a biosphere reserve region organization, and the design company Studio Matt.

The designer acquired the relevant knowledge and embedded himself in the biosphere reserve region by researching and conducting interviews with actors from politics, tourism, agriculture, sustainability, arts, and design. In the artistic phase, individuals from and around the area of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Grosses Walsertal in Vorarlberg, Austria were invited to a participatory design intervention.

Following in the spring of 2022 the NATURE DESIGN CAMP and design workshop dedicated to the topics of community, sustainability and climate change was initiated for the very first time. This design project explores how the individual’s valuable perspectives and ideas on these topics were brought together in one place by design and eventually provides findings on how to build relations with nature and humans by design methods