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Kandidat Fotografi

Clara Ketter

Sugar Corp.

Construction fence 2 x (200 x 220 cm), spotlights, vinyl prints 1 x (120 x 150 cm), 2 x (120 x 80 cm), Red Bull refrigerator


Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska.

Sugar Corp. bears witness to material desire. The central life goal being prosperity in an economic sense. A socially constructed dream where property symbolizes the ultimate proof of bliss. A symbol of achievement and success. The work serves as an homage to material happiness.

The pictures imitate the flawless presentation of an object in absolute central focus. With an installation inspired by retail, the work questions our desperate search for profit in all corners of contemporary life. Passionately observing and devouring the physical object representing what we are meant to desire the most.

Through belongings we can distinguish a character. Possessions assume the form of our central symbol of identification. Our things, carefully chosen from the immense accessibility of choices, manufactures an identity. A human portrait without a face.

Installation sponsored by Ramirent and Red Bull.