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Master Design

Daniela Kaiser

FEEL – visualizing thoughts and feelings in virtual reality

Against the background of increasing mental health problems FEEL is a workshop and conversation format, that explores how the visualization of thoughts and feelings through the help of Virtual Reality (VR) enables and influences the recognition of one‘s own emotional and mental state.

Through drawing in VR it becomes possible to visualize one’s own thoughts and feelings in life-size and give. FEEL invites its participants to explore and experience the created VR room in an immersive way and enables to change structures within it independently, easily and quickly.

FEEL makes a change of perspective possible that is otherwise difficult to create. The engagement with one’s own feelings and thoughts on an abstract level initiates self-reflection and enables the participants to create distance to mental issues and situate themselves in a preferred place.

The process of creation as well as the created VR rooms allow for conversations about intangible assets and mental health topics with more than words in the context of the workshop and beyond.

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