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Master Fri konst

Elin Alvemark

Photographer: David Eng

Photographer: Karin Karinsson

Unknowing Orchestrations

Den här texten är bara tillgänglig på engelska

I have worked with contrasts of both high and low cultural signals building this sculptural installation. Investigating, challenging and proposing sculpture. In order to emphasize limitations and potentials of forms and expressions the building up of tension is created by positioning in the room, techniques, materials, monolith figure, dwelling lingering between image, object and sculpted space.

Using only the off-cuts from the CNC milling process, which reveals the slices of an unseen 3D urn that is not present. I point back to the relationship between a mold and the shape cast from it. The surfaces of the sequenced off-cut frames are “painted” or written on them. Decorated like urns can be. One side of the frame hosts a collage work collected from European daily newspapers, assembled from the public library reading section in Gothenburg City Library (Le Monde, El Pais, The Times, Helsinki Sanomat). The opposing side of the same frame is “action painted”.

Analyzing the consequences of extended exhibitionary contexts and reviewing society today I want to play with my role in society as an artist. The depth and reward this contextualization brings enriches materialization and future research projects and artistic ideas.