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BFA Design

Alicia Kostanty


The intention behind this project was to design a piece of seating furniture for home offices that would enable a more dynamic way of sitting than typical office chairs on the market. The aim was to challenge the way we view seating furniture and how it should look and function.

The project resulted in LOTUS, a piece of furniture that allows floor-based seating positions to be moved up to a more conventional seat height, supporting a minimum of 8 primary seating positions, selected based on the research. A lot of inspiration was drawn from the physical dynamics of yoga.

The birch furniture base was manufactured by Karl Ekdahl, student at HDK-Valand Campus Steneby’s education for Wood-Oriented Furniture Design. The upholstery material in the seat is Labyrinth from Nevotex and the fabric is Focus Melange from the company Gabriel. Many thanks to Nevotex and Gabriel for sponsoring the materials needed for the seat!