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MFA Ceramic Art

Amanda Krantz

Photo David Eng

Photo David Eng


In my graduation project, titled ‘Peloria’, I have built hybrids inspired by nature. The title is inspired by a flower, which is a mutation of another plant, the Yellow Toadflax (‘Linaria Vulgaris’), The flower got the name ‘Peloria’, Greek for monster, from Carolus Linnaeus. During the 18th century, it was still common to believe that God had created nature completely. Since then, we have learned that nature adapts and develops its own species.

I think of my process of making as a kind of evolution as well. My sculptures merge my fantasy with reality. Each creature has unique qualities that create unexpected meetings between delicate buds and chubby paws, spindly legs becoming roots.

To order is a part of human nature. We try to put everything that we can’t understand inside a framework that we can relate to. My framework here is a table where my hybrids can coexist as a space for the viewer to examine them and wonder.