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BFA Textile Art

Annika Alsenfors

Photo David Eng

Photo David Eng

Nothing makes sense

Nature represents a wide range of symbolism with its expressive qualities. Petals, leaves, trees and greenery. Water lilies on a rippling surface of water, roots reaching down beneath towards the depths of a muddled darkness. I see connections in this image of nature, connections between reality and dream, surrealism and realism, presence and absence. Like the water lily’s roots below the surface I find something within myself, a world that doesn’t quite connect with the one before me. A gap between what I perceive and what I feel.

Feelings of unreality is something many experience or will experience during their lifetime. For some it’s barely noticeable, for others it is much deeper, as if existing in a haze where the world around you seems off, like in a dream or a simulation.


The work “nothing makes sense” explores the gap between reality, unreality and dream, the visual characteristics of the glitch and how these can be linked to a personal experience of feelings of unreality. With inspiration taken from the internet aesthetics weirdcore and dreamcore, a fragmented version of reality is presented where the digital world is overlapping nature. These are mixed in an unexpected encounter, as a dissolution of the image to create dissonance to the familiar and serene image of nature.