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BFA Ceramic Art

Axel Danhard

David Eng

David Eng

Daavid Eng

David eng

On new tracks

The towers rise with their heads held high, throwing a shadow over the city that once was. Live up high, higher or highest and leave your worldly troubles behind.


In my project I’ve worked with the remnants of this city which is searching for its identity. Taken the old and broken parts which have lost its context and given it anew, from building materials to glaze. The materials I’ve been investigating are brick, concrete and pavement stone from different parts of Gothenburg. They have later been ground up and converted into ceramic glaze which decorate the vases on display. With the help of two different types of wood firing, they show the emens variety these type materials create. Through this I’ve explored the materials left behind and its potential to give new objects an identity and esthetic that speaks of a shifting Gothenburg.