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MFA Metal Art

Carina Fogde


My work is about signs of memories, textures, and dreams. I have worked with the house and sunflowers as forms. Metal is my material. I have worked symbolically and intuitively with the objects and their textures.

My houses are transformed into solitary bodies when distanced from the urban environment; deprived of windows and doors, they close everything out with their stark frames. The sunflowers were transformed from dead flowers and into individual frozen moments.

I reflect on the silence, the intuitive and the unspoken. They may be archetypes of emotions, symbols, or habitation. Reflecting on memories and dreams, simplicity, beauty, and fragility, where every nerve is on the outside, which is where I want to be.


Movie: Carina Fogde I samarbete med Filmare Andja Arnebäck, Filmfotograf Örjan Möller, Ljudtekniker Jahmila Möller och Musiker Hanna Östergren.
COPYRIGHT: Art director Andja Arnebäck.