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EbbaCajsa Pielage



Push, lift, hoist, pull, move, stack, buckle, hang, wedge, twist, tilt and hook.

These keywords have accompanied the project. The tough. Slightly careless.

Regi is an exploration of the role of the designer and the citizen in the urban space. The designer as director and the citizen as interpreter and actor. Through workshops, the project has aimed to break habits and rules for how we see, act and use the urban space.

The toolbox on wheels holds the props. It consists of ropes, a building kit made of waste material and a wooden mallet which is used during workshops as an invitation for temporary interaction and action in the urban space. The ropes for hoisting, tightening, tying and pulling. Hammer and plugs for joining, tapping and attaching.

As the toolbox is pushed out in the city – the curtain is pulled aside and on stage is the one who acts.