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MFA Metal Art

Frances Alexandra Clifford


Vessels are universal objects that suggest a narrative of containment. They have an essential characteristic to communicate: our perception of the inside and out. It is this power that I find so compelling, the transformation of straight lines to curved, the harmony and tension of outer and inner states.

Steel is the perfect material to communicate these qualities in Ambit. Through material and formal investigations, I look to challenge our perception of containment, and the archetype that is the vessel.

Through technical and aesthetic investigation, I question and navigate the ‘laws’ of the vessel. I create the language of a vessel in a reimagined form, looking back on holding as the vessels condition. Ambit allows the viewer to explore motion and movement, implied function and meaning.

The vessel is static and transitory. Ambit blurs these lines. The interplay of light and shadow adds an extra dimension, the vessel now reacts to the viewer and becomes everchanging.