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MFA Design

Hanna Peterson

Thank you for participating

Stressful situations are the norm, not the exception for many young adults today. Careers are often in focus and health is not always prioritised, especially mental health. My own previous experience as well as many people around me who also work in different design fields has witnessed a hectic work culture where long days at the office and an intense pace were prioritised before the wellbeing of the employees. This hustle culture can nourish psychological stress.

In the context of wellbeing I have explored self care in the most intimate sphere of our lives, the home. I have investigated a holistic view on health in a more preventable manner compared to the classic western view on health care. The project Thank you for participating is an exploration of what is needed for a moment of rest or recovery and how textile design can operate as a reminder to participate in the act of resting. Through the symbols and colours in the textiles I hope to create a bridge from a stressful to a restful situation.

The colours and textures in nature calls for attention and the untouched elements offers a pause, the gradients on the hand dyed blankets and the tufted rug represent nature as well as the diversity of life.