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BFA Photography

Ingrid Jacobsen

Between Table And Legs

Collage, C-prints

Between table and legs is based on the in-between spaces that exist in our lives, as in a form of picture script where all events take place simultaneously in a frozen frame. The collage creates abstractions and images between realities and layers of space and time that coincide. Through cut-outs, a surreal world of ideas is created that is sewn into layers of new constructions. Jacobsen build bridges in an attempt to reconcile the virtual with physical reality. A reality that is turned inside out.

By making physical interventions in the darkroom, traditional methods are challenged in a development process. Jacobsen is interested in the collective perception of realty and how perceptions systems affect what is viewed. She uses negatives she has created and negatives she has borrowed along with items she har collected to build photograms. She uses photography to explore her surroundings by exploring how photography can distort visual perceptions, and thus turn everyday life into confused phenomena.