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MFA Fine Art

Jennifer Spångerud

Photo David Eng

Photo David Eng

Photo David Eng

Another Digital User Cluster

Another Digital User Cluster is an interactive web-based installation. It consists of eight single-card computers with screens in different sizes, each connected with a computer mouse. The screens are placed at different heights in a box covered with glass.

The Web is a common place in which to exist and operate. I have been focused on how the conception and experience of the place has changed rapidly and why. I am concerned about how our roles as users and creators smoothly shifted into the roles of consumers. I want to see more amateur users engage in reclaiming the Web.

In the project Another Digital User Cluster, I explore agency in our use of the Web. The Web, once a space designed and created by amateurs; today a corporate space produced using ever-more complex coding environments. In this particular work, I have been limiting the access to the navigation tools we are used to  —keyboards, touch screens and concrete instructions — to only consist of hyperlinks and mouse clicks. Through these, the visitor can move, somewhat searching, between the different websites that I have produced along with a group of like-minded users.

Those who have created the website cluster together with me are Anx Kupiainen,, Kjell Håftén, Bompa Alvemark, Sandra Åkerberg, Letters, Jonathan Dewoon and Meaxylon.

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