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MFA Ceramic Art

Marilen Rauch

Photo David Eng

Photo David Eng

Photo David Eng

Material Soundscapes

Material Soundscapes is an interactive installation of self extracted clay and field recordings. The audience is invited to listen to the soundscapes of four site-specific clays and the process they undergo to become a usable matter. By touching the clay and metal handle simultaneously, an environment of interaction is created that stimulates a dialogue between matter (clay), places and people.

In my artistic practice I explore places in my surroundings on their clay occurrence, dig holes in the earth, collect clay from construction sites and refine the material – a time consuming process. By doing that, I engage deeply with my environment and gain knowledge about its specific material and sound properties.

The places I visited the last two years are located in greater Gothenburg: Storgatan, Delsjön, Nääs and Brännö. Each place, material and time of day has their own inherent “voice” and unique soundscape. Through capturing the sounds and turning them into compositions a site-specific clay symphony arises.

With my work I intend to create a feeling of material- and place identity through making clay able to be sensed in an acoustical, tactile and visual way.


Sound design and composition: Nils Edte