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BFA Design

Mathilda Högberg

What once was Now

To create with you’re hands is the human nature, but due to the industrialization the necessity to create objects faded, and the lack of connection between consumer and object, and who and what work that was behind the object, made the the distance between even greater. So – how can one use design to create interest around a traditional craft? In this case bobbin lace making was used as an example to create understanding of the time, materials and knowledge behind an object.

To create interest around craft and sloyd two methods were used. The first was to interpret the finished lace and give it a new purpose, a small decorative textile object that was digitalized and upscaled to become the backpiece of a wooden sofa. In the process, materials went from thin and soft too hard and strong – from thread to wood.

The second method was to interpret the technique itself to awake interest – this led to a furniture that teaches the consumer the basics of bobbin lace, and how to use it to assemble the furniture itself. The bonus is that the process creates a higher value by assemble – you value you’re own time higher than others. So, by bobbin lace it yourself you create a higher value.

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