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BFA Design

Rebecka Wärja

Not as good as new

Not as good as new” is a project about exploring the connection between scars and visible mending.

Just like a mended garment, scars carry a lot of history and often tell a story about the person who wears them. By giving them the space they deserve this project seeks to raise the value of the scars and marks on our bodies, through the lens of visible mending, so that we can wear them with pride instead of trying to cover them up.

Throughout the project different mending techniques have been used as a method but also as an artistic expression to convey the underlying themes of visible mending as a movement. This is to reinforce the correlation between visible mending and scars on the body.

The project explores the aesthetics of scars, healing and mending but an important part is also the tactility of scars and how they feel to the touch. This is mediated through the use of different types of fabrics to create different types of tactile experiences.

Finally, to finish things off and summarize this exploratory project into some sort of final piece, the blanket works as a medium to communicate the themes of the project. Since the blanket represent the same kind of care that it takes to mend something broken.