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BFA Ceramic Art

Vilma Fredriksson

03.30 Dvala (03:30 Daze)


It’s quiet.

Time is fleeting and the room has just about ceased to exist. The skin is warm to the touch even though the air wrapping around it is cool. Fingertips slightly touching the chest that’s rising and falling over and over and over again. At this point the body is barely body anymore, it’s nearly floating, flying, while at the same time it is never quite as heavy.

The sculpture installation 03.30 Daze has its starting point in the human body at it’s most stripped-down stage. At its most vulnerable. I have been thinking about warmth, the softness and weight of the human body. Closeness to one’s own body and closeness to another. The experience of being completely and fully naked.

Material: Ceramics and sprayed vitreous slip