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BFA Textile Art

Wilma Tesch

Layers of Weave


Layers of weave examine how, through layers and mending, it is possible to create vulnerability and context. The layers give you a second chance, it is a method to be kinder to yourself and therefore kinder to the process. The weaves give the material context, something to belong to, together they are a unit. They give each other support, create a space and a meeting point.

Materiality, technique and colour are a big part of the process. Digital jacquard weave is the main technique in this work, paintings the base for the motifs in them. The philosophy behind colour choices revolves around the potential for all colours, their greatness in the right place. Dark and dull shades are needed to make the bright and strong ones more intense. The wood frame can be seen as an analog loom, a bridge between the digital and the analog.

The endless possibilities for rearrangement among the weaves make the context they are in forever changeable. The rags are a symbol for mending, a way to reuse materials and see potential in everything. When weft meets warp layers are created, what was only a yarn is now a close knit surface. The weave creates the layers and the layers are the craft.