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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Evelina Björnqvist

The fickle shoe rack – concepts around hallway things and their choreographic impact


Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska 

My installation is based on the idea of the hallways’ act in a home as an intermezzo – a short dramatic, musical, or light characterful performance inserted between the acts of a drama or opera. With a scenographic view and a conceptual approach, I have explored the hallways’ components in correlation with our unconscious routines within that room. I found a special interest in the line between set and props – what is fixed and what is movable in a room that changes notably with the direction we move through it? When I designed the objects, it was evident which belonged to each category. Still, as the choreographer and producer Ida Kjällquist explored the room with her body, the division became more complex. My project aims to discover everyday life choreographies with the material world and challenge the hallways’ practical tone. The wooden and ceramic objects are created with a focus on sensory experiences and particularly their sounds, which together play the hallways’ symphony. Special thanks to the choreographer and producer Ida Kjällquist.

Materials: solid maple, solid birch, stoneware, glaze, arenga fibre, zipper and textile ribbon