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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Gergely Kovacs

1220 x 2440


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The focus of this project, 1220 x 2440 (the standard size of sheet materials in mms), is to elevate and celebrate everyday, overlooked materials and encourage a reassessment of the values they manifest. The sheet materials used in this project share a common past as products designed for industrial use before slowly filtering into the mainstream through domestic objects and interiors, and in turn helping to shape modern living. They surround us, often literally. They are in our floors, on our walls and in our roofs.

As we continue to look closer at the material world around us to create a more sustainable material future it is important to consider the role these often forgotten materials can play. I want to encourage further inspection of what is often hidden from our view, what may easily go unnoticed but is replete with value, be it material or conceptual.