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Kandidat Design

Karin Gabrielsson

A sense of home without your own furniture –

an exploratory work about the home and what makes it feel like home

Den här texten finns bara tillgänglig på engelska.

A home is a place all humans have the right to. It should be a place where you feel safe and can be yourself to the fullest. For many in early adulthood, a secure home is not a given. Circumstances such as studying in a new place or not knowing and seeking who you are and what you want to do can make life a rollercoaster ride. For many, this is a time in life when you can feel rootless and not really know where your home is. It can certainly be a very exciting, though overwhelming, time. New cities, new homes and new lifestyles ultimately mean a lot of furniture to fill all these new homes. For many, second hand stores and IKEA become the solution to putting together the new home in a cost-effective way. In many cases, furniture is bought for the home you have but then doesn’t fit or becomes too bulky to move with you to the next home, so it is discarded or resold. This work is about student accommodation in relation to furniture consumption. The work aims to explore whether it is possible to prefabricate a home that feels like a home for everyone. This without the person in question having to buy all the furniture themselves as a way of discouraging the consumption of used and throw away furniture. With this project comes the question of whether the personal home lies in the furniture itself or whether it lies in the personal things that there is a relationship to that makes a home feel like a home.