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Master Embedded Design

Lina Rosquist

Making Kin

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Due to the urgency of sustainable transformation of the fashion system this design project argues for the need to bring design closer to nature, seeing the necessity of new approaches and collaborations.

Fashion businesses rely on nature’s resources and labour for materials, yet the value produced by these more-than-human partners are excluded from business models. The Business model Canvas BMC, a framework for business development became a tool for identifying problems with existing business models in fashion. To apply a Kinship filter to the BMC became a way to start a discussion about the need to develop new business models that emphasizes environmental and social values related to more-than-humans.

This project provides designed and tested workshop methods for prototyping more-than-human relationships with plants, animals and rivers while exploring possible paths for fashion futures. The methods are designed and prototyped in a fashion context, but they can be adjusted to other settings.